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Advice For Parenting Young Kids

Steve McCoy:

There’s a lot of parenting advice out there. Some is great. Much of it is lacking. Some is downright harmful. With a 16 girl driving around, two middle school boys (14 & 12 yrs old) and our youngest son in 4th grade (nearly 10 yrs old), we’ve experienced a lot of success & struggle in our parenting. We’ve gotten advice from books, other parents, pastors, and our own parents. We’ve taken courses on parenting and had one pastor/wife and family that we learned much from and watched closely as they did so much right (radically different than most parents we’d ever seen). I wanted to share some advice for things I feel we have learned and that not enough folks are talking about. At its core, this list is a quick mind-dump of the practical advice I want to give parents with young kids after years of doing it. By no means do we do all of this perfectly. I assume you know that already.

Beyoncé: Power or Bondage?

Trillia Newbell:

Women say they want men to stop objectifying them, yet I wonder. Are we helping our cause with hyper-sexual performances such as Beyoncé’s? I do not fault her alone. I believe she is a product of her environment, the pop music industry. Sex sells, and she’s a smart businesswoman. I don’t deny Henson’s general premise, either, because sexuality is also powerful. Beyoncé wields power in her decision to use only female performers and musicians and celebrates it in her song “Run the World (Girls).”  Even so, I can’t help but ask: How are we supporting women by celebrating when they flaunt their sexuality in public?

He Has Done All Things Well

Jared C. Wilson:

But oh, kids, that’s just the beginning! For when he looks up to say “Eph-pha-tha – Be opened” (Mark 7:34) he’s not just talking about the ears and the eyes of the deaf and the blind but about heaven itself. Heaven, be opened! Heaven, spill out your glory. And because it was the Father’s will, heaven has given forth its King, its honored Son, the firstborn of all Creation. Heaven has opened up and given us God in the flesh. In these miracles, heaven has opened up and shown us glimpses of new life beyond the veil, glimpses of life after life after death. Heaven has opened up in the life and ministry of Jesus showing us the kingdom’s coming to earth, renewing all things. He makes the deaf hear and the mute speak, yes, but Behold!, he also, according to Revelation 21:5, is making all things new!

Any Place for the God of Job?

Carl Trueman:

Preaching through Job recently, I was very struck by the Lord’s final intervention. Job has suffered incredibly throughout the book; and we, the readers, know that none of this is his fault. It is the result of the battle between God and the Accuser and, if anything, Job’s suffering is thus the result of his devotion to the Lord, which Satan wishes to test. And by the end of Job’s last big speech (Job 31) he is depressed, and with good reason. The man has lost everything.

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