Help us make a documentary on the life and legacy of Spurgeon

Recently a new friend, Stephen McCaskell, contacted me about being part of a documentary about the life and legacy of Charles Spurgeon. Spurgeon has long been one of my heroes in the faith, so the opportunity to be a part of a project like this intrigued me from the get go. Together with Adrian Warnock, we set about plans to make a crowd-sourced film, Through the Eyes of Spurgeon. Soon a fourth party joined our merry band, Matt Pennings of Red Rubber Studio, and we’ve just recently launched a support page on

Yep, we’re crowd-funding a movie. :)

Here’s a short video featuring Adrian with the details:

“This child will one day preach the gospel, and he will preach it to great multitudes…”

Did Richard Knill have any idea how God would bring these words to life when he spoke them over a young Charles Haddon Spurgeon?

During his lifetime, Spurgeon did indeed preach to great multitudes. He faithfully made known the great truths of the gospel to millions of men and women in his ministry—and he continues to do so today, more than a century after his death.

Spurgeon has much to teach us through his great successes—and also through the hardships of his life. No stranger to physical illness and crushing depression, Spurgeon’s handling of great suffering has been an encouragement to many. Pastor John Piper once said during a difficult time in his own ministry, “I have turned to Charles Spurgeon in these days, and I have been helped.”

This is the legacy we want to share with you in our documentary, Through the Eyes of C.H. Spurgeon.

Together with video production company Red Rubber Studios, we’re telling the story of how one man’s faithful ministry continues to bless believers the world over to this very day—a story of lives changed by the gospel and a legacy of faith that all of us involved in this film want to see emulated in the lives of every Christian.

We’re asking you to help support the making of this film because we believe Spurgeon’s life and legacy have much to say to believers in our day. With your with your financial support and your prayers, you can help make this film a reality.

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  • Ben Thorp

    I contributed the moment I saw this last week. Sadly the funding doesn’t seem to have changed in a week :( Will be praying for some more contributors to make up the rest.

    • Brian

      Agreed! Hope to see it go through!

    • Aaron Armstrong

      Yep, it’s a bit slow so far. Lord willing things will pick up and we will hit the goal. We shall see, I suppose.