Take care that your life and ministry are consistent


Even in little things the minister should take care that his life is consistent with his ministry. . . . Even in your recreations, remember that you are ministers. When you are off the parade you are still officers in the army of Christ, and as such demean yourselves. But if the lesser things must be looked after, how careful should you be in the great matters of morality, honesty, and integrity! Here the minister must not fail. His private life must ever keep good tune with his ministry, or his day will soon set with him, and the sooner he retires the better, for his continuance in his office will only dishonour the cause of God and ruin himself.

Charles Spurgeon, Lectures to My Students (Banner of Truth Trust, p. 18)

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  • http://twitter.com/WScottCochrane Scott Cochrane

    Leave it to Spurgeon to “nail it” like this. This applies to every Christian leader.Thanks for this important reminder Aaron.