Book covers that miss the mark

It takes a lot to incense Canadians, but someone’s managed to do it. How?

By messing with Anne of Green Gables.

Last week, the media was all abuzz when an industrious individual reimagined Anne, a ten-year-old redhead as… well, not a ten-year-old redhead:


Make fun of the way we say “about”? We’ll let it slide. Assume we live on Hoth? There’s some truth to that.

Turn Anne of Green Gables into a blonde farm girl for who loves to lean against haystacks and give you the bedroom eyes?



While this whole fiasco definitely provided a good laugh at the Armstrong house, it also got Emily and I thinking:

If we were going to create new (and ridiculous) covers for a few famous public domain classics, what would we do?

Here’s what we came up with:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Clearly these covers were made in jest, but there are many out there—available for sale right now—that completely miss the mark. Which ones have you noticed?

Share your favorite covers that miss the mark in the comments section.

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  • Ben Thorp

    Possibly one of your funniest posts ever. I really LOLed.

  • AWHall

    Love the Moby Dick cover!

  • Informed Summaries

    That is crazy and a little disturbing… That is not how I want to think of Anne…

    • Aaron Armstrong

      I’m pretty sure none of us want to think of Anne that way :)