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What Christians Do About Modern-Day Slavery

Ben Reaoch:

An amazing thing about the gospel of Jesus Christ is that it’s a message not only for the oppressed, but also for the oppressors; not only to the victim, but to the perpetrators. Remember, “Love your enemies.” And don’t forget that God saved Saul of Tarsus, who was persecuting the church. Our gut response would be, “Free the slaves, and to hell with the cruel criminals who are keeping them in bondage.” But the gospel goes beyond that.

The good news of Jesus crucified for sinners and victorious over death is a message of hope for both the slave and the human trafficker.

Raising the Dread

R.C. Sproul, Jr.:

It was a tree I had climbed dozens of times. It was base when we played hide and seek, our meeting place for planning the day’s play. It was, one could argue, the epicenter of my childhood. And it nearly killed me. I nimbly started up its limbs, hopping from one to the next. I stayed near to the center, but as I got higher, the limbs got thinner. Things were going so well I determined to go higher, to set a personal best. As I stepped onto that last thin branch, it sagged but held, and I felt the sudden change in barometric pressure. The temperature dropped at least five degrees in a moment, and the wind began to blow. No time to descend to a safer spot I hung on and rode the wind. The tree, at the top, less swayed and more hurtled this way and that. The moment there was a touch of a let up I began my descent. It was much harder going down than going up. I was more precise, more cautious. Eventually I jumped to terra firma, and cried in terror.

Do the demons know you?

HT: Ray Ortlund

The beards of ministry

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