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10 Sure Signs We’ve Lost Our Minds

Trevin Wax:

Documenting the bizarre beliefs and inconsistencies that surface in contemporary discourse…

Take a Course With Me!

Tim Challies:

For the past few weeks David Murray and I have been throwing around different ideas for the fourth season of our Connected Kingdom podcast. In the past we’ve done interviews, Q&A’s, monologues, and more. This time we thought we’d do something completely different. We’ve decided to learn something together and we want to invite you all to join us!

As we worked through various ideas, we found we were both eager to begin some kind of Bible study and preferably something not too long. We also wanted to study a less-travelled part of the Bible, something we could learn from ourselves. When we put all these things together, we settled on the Poets, Prophecy, and Wisdom Bible Survey, a 13-week course taught by Dr R.C. Sproul via video lectures. We asked Ligonier Ministries what they could do for us and they generously offered a free class to us and our listeners through Ligonier Connect.

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Mike Leake:

On the day of his first public service at St. Mary Woolnoth, John Newton explained to his hearers the truths that would inform his gospel ministry. They are evangelical and gospel-centered as to be expected with on like Newton. One thing, however, that I believe sets Newton apart as an exemplary example for us to follow. He believed that just speaking truth was not the whole of his duty.

More Time Doesn’t Mean More Creative

Barnabas Piper:

One of the trickiest pieces of the whole time measurement confusion is the differing measures people use for time. When it takes someone two years to write a book they weren’t writing for two straight years. Periods of thought, busyness, writer’s block, and distraction were the majority of that time. When someone says it took them 7 hours to write a paper it probably means they sat at their desk for seven hours. If I have had an idea brewing in my mind for weeks and I write it in 45 minutes how long did I spend on that piece? I don’t know – somewhere between 45 minutes and a fortnight.

Aikman Opportunity Award For Young Christian Writers

Aspiring authors, take note:

Most writing contests award prizes for already completed manuscripts.  The AikmanOpportunity Award is different.  It promises a top prize to the writer who can compose the most compelling and best-reported book proposal of the testimony story he or she wants to write.  The prize, of course, will provide a solid financial base for the writer as the manuscript is being assembled.

  • Grand Prize: $20,000 plus potential for publication
  • First Runner-Up Award: $1,500 plus potential for publication
  • Second Runner-Up Award: $1,500 plus potential for publication
  • Third Runner-Up Award: $1,500 plus potential for publication

To qualify, contestants must reside in Canada, the USA, the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland and be between the ages of 18 and 35 years of age.  All contestants must submit a 1,000 – 1,500 word article that leaves the reader yearning for a longer narrative. The article should focus on a remarkable true story of God’s grace and intervention in the life of an individual and/or their community.

The submission deadline for part one is March 1, so act fast.

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