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The Cost of Compromise

John MacArthur:

It is interesting to speculate what the church would be like today if Luther had compromised. The pressure was heavy on him to tone down his teaching, soften his message, and stop poking his finger in the eye of the papacy. Even many of his friends and supporters urged Luther to come to terms with Rome for the sake of harmony in the church. Luther himself prayed earnestly that the effect of his teaching would not be divisive.

The Introverted Evangelist

Seth McBee:

For most of us this is what we think of when we think of an evangelist: the semi-crazy person that we admire for their zeal. We are impressed with their courage, but we know that if that is what we are called to do, we could never pull it off.

When we train in evangelism, this is the picture most either point to or think of. Which is one of the major reasons evangelism and evangelist have such a negative connotation for both the believer and non-believer. Essentially, we train folks to fit into a specific personality type and call it evangelism training. We are training people to be extrovert evangelists.

The UFC and Femininity

I am going to try and tread softly here. Owen Strachan recently wrote an article for Patheos on the first televised women’s UFC fight. He is against mixed martial arts in general, but is particulary bothered by women competing, as he thinks that it does damage to the picture of biblical femininity. I understand his sensitivity, and respect his position. However, I have a different perspective to offer.

Yes, We Fear and Loathe Religious Traditionalists

This is a good article that’s well worth your time:

Here’s what needs to happen. Right now. Every reporter — no matter the beat, no matter how much in the tank for redefining marriage, no matter how close-minded they’ve been to this point — every reporter needs to stop what they’re doing and read “What is Marriage.”

It’s a very easy-to-read book that succinctly explains the traditionalist arguments surrounding marriage. Refusing to learn the arguments of those who oppose changing the law must end. It simply must end. The ignorance and bigotry with which reporters have covered this topic is a scandal. It’s destroying civil political discourse, it’s embarrassing and can’t continue.

Through the Eyes of Spurgeon

A couple weeks back, I shared that Adrian Warnock, Stephen McCaskell, Matt Pennings and I are raising funds for a documentary on the influence of Charles Spurgeon. The campaign ends in 25 days, so please prayerfully consider what you could give to make it happen. Thanks!

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