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Why is exhorting people to be generous so scary?

Steven Kryger:

2 weeks ago I made an announcement at church, launching our budget for 2013.

The announcement was a difficult word – not only did I thank those people who are generous, I lovingly rebuked those who aren’t generous, and called them to repent, turn to Christ, and make him Lord of their wallets.

I spent hours crafting the 7-minute announcement – more time than I’ve invested in any other announcement I’ve made in church (except perhaps fundraising calls for our building project!).

Before I stood up to make each announcement I felt really nervous. While I was confident that the message needed to be said and called people to honour Jesus as Lord, I was fearful (to my shame) of how people would respond and what they would think of me.

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Also, here’s a great timeline video of Ligonier’s first 40 years of ministry:

Allegorical Preaching: What Would Calvin Say?

Jeffrey Fisher:

Preaching Christ in the Old Testament has become a topic of great interest among evangelical preachers today. While this is by no means a new issue, our desire to faithfully proclaim the whole counsel of God in a gospel-centered or Christ-centered way has led to a growing renewal in understanding how we can rightly “find” Christ in the Old Testament. Almost without exception, those who teach and write on preaching Christ from the Old Testament emphatically reject the use of allegory in preaching from the Old Testament (see for example, Edmund Clowney, Preaching Christ from All of Scriptureand Sidney Greidanus, Preaching Christ from the Old Testament, Preaching Christ from Genesis, and Preaching Christ from Ecclesiastes).

The question needs to be raised, however, whether the stigma associated with allegory and the outright rejection of preaching allegorically from the Old Testament should be maintained. Clowney notes that many preachers warned about preaching allegorically have also shied away from identifying people, places, events, or themes in the Old Testament as types (Preaching Christ from All of Scripture, 31). The history of biblical interpretation sheds some helpful light on this question. In particular, because the Reformation had such a significant effect on how we read and preach the Bible today, it is worth considering whether John Calvin and his contemporaries would have share the same reluctance to preach allegory from the Old Testament.

No Compromise

The conference audio from the 2013 Ligonier national conference is now available for your listening pleasure:

Alistair Begg, Sinclair Ferguson, Steven Lawson, R.C. Sproul Jr., R.C. Sproul, Cal Thomas, and Ravi Zacharias considered the theme No Compromise: Standing for the Truth of God’s Word at our 2013 National Conference. Together they examined what the Bible says about standing firm for bedrock truths such as the resurrection of Christ, the trustworthiness of Scripture, God’s plan for the family, our need to show mercy, the importance of theology, the primacy of preaching, the exclusivity of Jesus and much more.

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