Links I like (weekend edition)

Cheap eBooks for your Kindle

I’m always on the look out for good deals to help you expand your digital library. Here are a few of the latest titles I’ve found on Amazon:

Audio Bibles from Inkstone Mobile free in the iTunes app store March 3 only

Inkstone Mobile’s Audio Bibles app is free for one day only—tomorrow, March 3 (regular price $1.99). Here are a few details about the app:

Whether reading the Bible for the first time, or re-discovering a verse or passage, Audio Bibles is the perfect aid for the whole family. The app features ten FREE downloadable versions of the Bible, including recordings of the classic King James and American Standard versions, a complete World English version, as well as a children’s edition.

Audio Bibles also features Inkstone Mobile’s signature stylish user interface, complete with bookmarking features to highlight and save important passages. With each bookmark, the user can also take notes, making the app a great resource for those studying the bible in groups or on their own time.

In Danger of Friendly Fire

Kevin DeYoung:

Much neglected as fine expositions of classic Reformed theology, John Witherspoon’s treatises on Justification and Regeneration are worth reconsidering. In particular, Witherspoon’s discussion of how we defend justification too carelessly can speak to our day.

At the beginning of his treatise on Justification Witherspoon explains the one of the reasons for his work is to counter not only “the calumnies of enemies” but “the weakness or treachery of professed friends.” He notes two ways in which friends of justification injure the truth of justification.


Peter Jones:

Today I am being interviewed by CCEF (Christian Counseling Education Foundation) in Philadelphia, on the subject of MINDFULNESS.

The gong sounds three times and people begin to focus their attention on a fixed point. A Buddhist temple scene? No. A seminar room at Google headquarters, or one at General Mills, or a gathering at Davos, the annual World Economic Forum in Switzerland, bringing together the world’s political, cultural and economic leaders. This is the latest attempt to get people in touch with their “true” selves.

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