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A personal note on the planned Spurgeon Documentary

Adrian Warnock on the documentary he, Stephen McCaskell, Matt Pennings and I are hoping to make:

I wanted to share a bit more about the Spurgeon documentary we are currently seeking crowd-sourced funding for. Our goal is simple: we want to introduce Spurgeon to a new generation and encourage people to find out more about him. If we cover our costs, then the documentary will be made, and will at some stage be made available to stream free online.  Making it will involve a group of us taking annual leave and filming at some of the key sites in Spurgeon’s life what we hope will be a stimulating discussion of what we can learn from him. The budget is a lot smaller than many similar projects. You can watch a trailer about the documentary at the bottom of this post.

Save up to 55 per cent on R.C. Sproul’s expository commentaries

To celebrate the latest release in R.C. Sproul’s St. Andrew’s Expository Commentary series, Matthew, Westminster Books is offering 55 per cent off the entire set until March 12th and 50 per cent off the individual titles. If you don’t already have these titles, be sure to take them up on the deal.

Also, Amazon has Sproul’s book, The Mystery of the Holy Spirit on sale for $2.99 for the Kindle.

The new Atheism is dead

Ed West:

Amid all the warm words expressed by public figures after Pope Benedict announced his retirement one comment rather stood out. “I feel sorry for the Pope and all old Catholic priests. Imagine having a wasted life to look back on and no sex,” wrote Richard Dawkins on Twitter.

Even with the generally low standards of decorum on the site, the 71-year-old biologist’s comment caused groans. For while he still has his fans and admirers, Prof Dawkins has been preaching to the choir for some time, and the choir shrinks as embarrassed followers slink away from the scene. New Atheism has finally had its day.

Marijuana, Coffee, and Our Medicated Age

Matthew Lee Anderson:

The recent legislation approving recreational marijuana use in Colorado and Washington creates new challenges for pastors and churches, not only in those states but across our country. For decades, the criminalization of cannabis allowed pastors to functionally dodge the question of its morality. If it was illegal, it was wrong. Now that marijuana has passed the first bar of legal legitimization, how should churches respond?

Cover tune grab bag: “Baby”

A great cover of a terrible, terrible tune. Lecrae made me lose it at the two minute mark:

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