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Women Teaching in the Church?

Lore Ferguson:

These women have taken the command to be fruitful and multiply seriously, and for many, in the absence of their own children, they have become incubators of God’s word. They meditate on it, murmur on it, pray it, speak it, and teach it. They are poised for a gracious reception of hungry souls, souls weary of milk, starving for meat. They are disciples.

And even more, they are disciplers.

They may hold a collective Master of Divinity, they may give their brothers a run for their money in both their drive and grace, but over all of it, they see a distinct need in the world and want to help it. They are like the hen who gathers her chicks, finding the odd ones out and pulling them close, covering over, receiving the broken and disillusioned. And brothers: They should not be a threat to you.

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Breads and Circuses

I’m a big fan of artist Juan Ortiz’s prints based on classic Star Trek episodes. For example:

Battling Sinful Sarcasm

Lindsey Carlson:

Sarcasm has always come naturally to me. It is often the way I communicate love to those I feel the most comfortable around. The better I know you, the more I enjoy joking around. Innocent quips are my kind of hug.

If my sarcasm always felt like a loving and innocent hug, there’d be no reason to question my heart’s motives. But when my humor feels more like a slap in the face, when people don’t “get” my sarcasm, and my jokes leave behind a wake of wounded brothers and sisters, I’m forced to dig a little deeper and face the facts.

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  • Norma O’Connell

    Thank you for that bit about women teaching in the church. God does gift some of us for teaching. I personally long for women to learn how to study the Word themselves, to be grounded in sound doctrine, to know the Lord as He teaches them. I consider it discipling to teach women how to study the Bible. Appreciate your article.