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No more silence

This is a fantastic interview with Boz Tchividjian, founder of GRACE:

It was not until I became a prosecutor that I saw for the very first time the utter devastation that is caused by the horrors of sexual abuse.  I will never forget sitting across my desk from weeping parents who had only recently learned that their 9 year old daughter had been sexually victimized by one of their best friends.  I will also never forget meeting that beautiful 9 year old little girl.  A girl whose life had just begun, but who never had the opportunity to enjoy childhood because of the evils perpetrated upon her.  Though the abuse had forever changed the life of this precious child, I came to realize that the abuse had not destroyed her soul and that  underneath it all she was still a 9 year old who had childhood interests, aspirations for what she wanted to do when she “grew up”, and even dreamed of going to Disney World.   It was during those moments when I realized that God had given me an incredible privilege to be placed in such a position for the purpose of expending myself to those who were struggling through these very dark and painful valleys of life.

Raised? Doubting the Resurrection

Jonathan Dodson and Brad Watson have just released a new eBook, Raised? Doubting the Resurrection:

We wrote this book out of our love for skeptics and respect for the questions they help us ask. We also write as believers who oscillate in real belief in the resurrected Christ. We hope it proves to be an insightful, stirring reflection on the resurrection.

We are giving this book away in the hope that churches will make the eBook or hardcopy available to their people, especially to all their visitors on Easter. We are praying God would use it to spark gospel conversations, equip believers, and help people meet the risen Jesus. Download the entire book for free below (Kindle (.mobi)iBooks (.epub), & PDF).

We Need No Other Word: God Is Still Speaking

Bruce Baugus:

I began seminary with an intensive summer elective titled “Inspiration and Interpretation of Scripture.” The professor was a capable and trustworthy guide; I was a novice. Thrown by issues I’d never considered, I soon found myself in an acute spiritual crisis. Inwardly unravelling, I couldn’t dodge the question: is this book flopped open on my desk, the object of severe censure from some quarters—is this the Word of God or not? My life depended on how I answered, and I knew it.

Cheap eBooks for the Christian reader

Josh McDowell and Dave Sterrett’s Coffeehouse Chronicles series is on sale right now (these are excellent resources for college students):

Here are a few other deals that are available for a limited time:

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