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How Progressive or Liberal Christianity destroys the Church

Adrian Warnock:

I really struggle with the notion of the need for the church to simply follow the culture or risk being irrelevant. It is such a pragmatic argument, and it is one that is made a lot in the secular media: if only the church would simply “wise up” and “get with the program,” so it doesn’t seem as out of touch, the argument goes, then people would flock to it. It really saddens me to see other Christians joining the swelling ranks of those who angrily dismiss any dissenting opinions to the new secular orthodoxy! Why can’t we simply allow people to think differently and respect them?

I think there are two major problems, in any case, with the argument that we must go with the flow of every change in Society.

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Real Leaders Apologize

Thom Rainer:

For some leaders, apologies seem to come reluctantly if they come at all. Perhaps a mea culpaseems like an indication of weakness. Perhaps the leader’s ego is too fragile to admit that he or she is wrong. Perhaps some leaders really don’t believe they are ever wrong.

Learning Not to Learn from Your Mistakes

Barnabas Piper:

I have long labelled myself as someone who has to “learn from experience.” Many of the clearest lessons I have learned in life have been as a result of serious mistakes. Not risk-taking mistakes – the kind entrepreneurs and business leaders encourage. No, I mean the bull-headed, stupid, stubborn, arrogant mistakes of someone who simply wants to try things his way. I carry these lessons with me like cattle wear a brand. They are perpetual reminders of the right way to go because the wrong way left indelible scars.

Why do rookie pastors get fired?

David Murray:

…the main reason for rookie pastors getting fired or, even worse, rookie pastors destroying a church, is not intellectual, moral, or theological failure, but failure in basic common-sense humanity.

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