Links I like (weekend edition)

A Letter to the Church

An anonymous letter you should read:

We do not ask for your acceptance of our sins any more than we accept yours. We simply ask for the same support, love, guidance, and most of all hope that is given to the rest of your congregation. We are your brothers and sisters in Christ. We are not what we shall be, but thank God, we are not what we were. Let us work together to see that we all arrive safely home.

If Calvin and Hobbes were animated…

Animator Adam Brown does a great job of adapting this:


into this:

Order up

This is another fun short film by Red Giant Software’s Seth Worley (he of Plot Device fame):

Cheap eBooks for the Christian Reader

Finally Alive by John Piper—$3.99

Leading the Way Through Daniel by Michael Youssef—$2.99

Leading the Way Through Ephesians by Michael Youssef—$2.51

The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones—$1.99 (US only)

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis—$2.23

Confessions of a Woman Who Didn’t Like Theology

Ashley Haupt:

While I’ve grown immensely in my understanding of the importance of biblical truth, the stubborn fact remains: love for theology and doctrine doesn’t come naturally to me. It’s an acquired taste.

But why should you care? Perhaps I lost you at “I don’t like theology.” Nevertheless, I’m convinced you should care, and here’s why: I represent members of your church. Maybe a large segment, maybe a smaller one, but I guarantee they’re out there. With this reality in mind, l’d like to offer three insights from an unnatural theology lover.

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  • Ashley Haupt

    Nice to meet you, Aaron. Looking forward to poking around here at your content. Thanks for the link-up. :)

    • Aaron Armstrong

      No problem, Ashley—thanks for writing a really good article. Enjoy poking around :)

  • dave

    So I got all excited to watch a Calvin & Hobbes strip turned to animation, but the video is private. Any chance you could put up a link that works?

    • Aaron Armstrong

      Yeah, I’m not sure what’s going on there. I’ve seen some statements on YouTube that it’s likely being deleted (not sure Bill Waterson asked for it to be removed maybe?). For now, here’s where you can watch it: