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The Truth of the Cross—Free from Ligonier Ministries

Ligonier Ministries is making R.C. Sproul’s excellent book, The Truth of the Cross, available for free until April 30th in a variety of eBook editions:

Why Christians Should Read Fiction

Russell Moore:

I’ve found that most people who tell me that fiction is a waste of time are folks who seem to hold to a kind of sola cerebra vision of the Christian life that just doesn’t square with the Bible. The Bible doesn’t simply address man as a cognitive process but as a complex image-bearer who recognizes truth not only through categorizing syllogisms but through imagination, beauty, wonder, awe. Fiction helps to shape and hone what Russell Kirk called the moral imagination.

Call Your People to Marketable Skills and Degrees

J.D. Payne:

We pastors often forget that stewardship extends beyond the realm of giving money for gospel advancement.  For the longest time, we have allowed the notion of being a wise steward to be defined according to money.  And while the issue of finances does exist within the jurisdiction of stewardship, stewardship embraces all of the Christian life.

One of the areas we often overlook is recognizing the connection between being a wise steward and career-making decisions.  Sadly, we do not consider this matter related to our equipping the saints for the work of the ministry.

Weakness Evangelism

Darryl Dash:

This past year, as we went through another round of confronting our weaknesses, my wife said something profound to me. What if our weaknesses aren’t a distraction from ministry? What if our weaknesses are actually part of the way God wants to use us in ministry? I know this conceptually, but I haven’t always been great at remembering it when I’m weak.

Don’t Begrudge Your Cheerful Sister

Trillia Newbell:

The term “Stepford wife” refers to a docile woman who cooks, cleans, organizes her home, obeys her husband, and dresses nicely. She has it all together. But she doesn’t have personality.

Unfortunately this caricature can be attributed to any woman who appears to have it all together. We cry out against the woman who cooks a nice meal or talks kindly about her kids.Surely she is putting on a mask, we might assume. Yet have we ever stepped back to consider that some woman have been especially gifted by God as cheerful, thankful homemakers?

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