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Edith Schaeffer (1914 – 2013)

Tim Challies offers a lovely tribute:

Edith Schaeffer (nee Seville) has gone to be with the Lord at the age of 98. She was born on November 3, 1914 in Wenzhou, China, the child of missionaries associated with China Inland Missions. As a young adult she attended Beaver College in Glenside, Pennsylvania and it was there that she met Francis Schaeffer. The two were married in 1935. Francis subsequently attended Westminster Theological Seminary and went on to pastorates in Pennsylvania and Missouri.

Shocking—simply shocking

I echo Trevin’s assessment—”there are no words“:

Why do (modern) Christians rarely talk about rewards in heaven?

Michael Kruger:

When is the last time you heard a sermon that suggested that a motive for our obedience should be the rewards we receive in heaven?  I imagine for most of us it has been a long time, maybe even never. Whenever a sermon (or book) provides a motive for obedience, it is almost always thankfulness for what Christ has done.  And certainly that is a wonderful and foundational motivation.  But is it theonly motivation?

State of the Bible 2013

Barna’s released some new stats on America’s view of the Bible. Check out the helpful infographic:


HT: Marc Cortez

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