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Love and the Inhumanity of Same-Sex Marriage

Jonathan Leeman:

Whether or not same sex marriage is a political fait accompli, I don’t know. What concerns me in the present hour is the temptation among Christians to go with the flow. The assumption is that the nation no longer shares our morality, and that we must not impose our views on others and blur the line between church and state. Besides, we don’t want to let any political cantankerousness get in the way of sharing the gospel, right? So we might as well throw in our lot. So the thinking goes.

How hard Christians should actively fight against same-sex marriage is a matter for wisdom. But that we must not support it, I would like to persuade you, is a matter of biblical principle.

Mike Leake:

One of the greatest joys (and at times pains) of working with teenagers is whenever students with unbelieving parents come to know Jesus. After only a short time of becoming followers of Jesus, these dear students begin aching for the lostness of their parents. And so they share the gospel with them.

And it gets really ugly.

The problem with “mental illness”

David Murray:

I wish there was a word or phrase to cover the mental and emotional disorders (e.g. depression, anxiety, schizophrenia) that result from both personal sin (for which we are responsible), and personal suffering (for which we are not – or not wholly –  responsible).

Bigger Than the Box

Aimee Byrd:

Sometimes we may think that we are the only ones that “get it.” Or, maybe those in our small circle or coalition. Rarely do we think the older generations have the insight that we have developed.

We can easily begin thinking this way when it comes to the biblical understanding of sexuality. This weekend I went to a small conference in Burtonsville, MD. Some of the women in our presbytery have been communicating about supporting one another in the women’s ministries in our churches. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to hear Susan Hunt speak about biblical womanhood–generation to generation.

Susan Hunt is a 73-year-old woman who gets it.

18 things you should never say to a woman

Ben Reed:

When God brings you through pain and suffering and confusion, you’re marked forever. You’re not the same person. You don’t process life the same. You don’tgrieve the same. You don’t celebrate the same. You don’t see other people the same way.

Experiencing a miscarriage has caused me to treat women, and couples, differently. I’m more cautious when talking with them about children. I think before I speak about pregnancy. I don’t bring up the idea of children with couples that don’t have any, unless they bring it up first. There are certain questions I don’t ask and statements I don’t make. There are jokes that I refuse to say, or laugh at. Ever.

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