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I Am Not Abraham’s Mistake

Derek Rishmawy:

As frustrating and awkward as being an Arab high-schooler in post-9/11 America could be at times—given garden-variety prejudices, fears, and ignorance—none of those slurs frustrated me so much as what some of my well-meaning, evangelical brothers and sisters ignorantly implied: that my entire ethnic heritage was an unfortunate mistake—Abraham’s mistake to be exact.

Get to Church Early

Joe Thorn:

I could relax a bit. I know it. And of course there are times when nothing can be done about it. We are all late some of the time.

But many churches (including the one I pastor) go through periods of time where people begin showing up to services late. It becomes a thing. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, and of course this isn’t the sort of thing that brings fire from heaven or church discipline. But being late can have a genuinely negative impact in more ways than one.

Weakness Is the Way

Check out the trailer for J.I. Packer’s upcoming book, Weakness Is the Way: Life with Christ Our Strength:

Why You Should Read Narnia in Publication Order

Trevin Wax:

As one who has read The Chronicles of Narnia multiple times, I have strong opinions on how they should be read.

Date of Composition? Only if you’re a Lewis scholar interested in the development of his thought.

Chronological Order? Please disregard the Harper interpretation of Lewis’ views. That statement is up for debate.

In C. S. Lewis – A LifeAlister McGrath summarizes the reasons you should stick with the publication order. I agree, and this is the way we introduced the books to our kids.

The shadow of secularization and the new dawn of the church.

Micah Fries:

I think the church should approach the future with some level of brevity. We should be aware of the challenges that are ahead of us, but we should not run in fear. The future can be bright, for all the reasons I laid out, and even more. Most of all, the future is bright because God is good, he is still sovereign and he loves his bride, the church. And this is a great thing!

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