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Heaven Won’t Be Boring

Randy Alcorn:

A pastor once confessed to me: “Whenever I think about heaven, it makes me depressed. I’d rather just cease to exist when I die.” “Why?” I asked. “I can’t stand the thought of that endless tedium. To float around in the clouds with nothing to do but strum a harp … it’s all so terribly boring. Heaven doesn’t sound much better than hell.”

Where did this Bible-believing, seminary-educated pastor get such a view of heaven? Certainly not from Scripture, where Paul said that to depart and be with Christ was far better than staying on a sin-cursed earth (Phil. 1:23). My friend was more honest about it than most, yet I’ve found that many Christians share his misconceptions about heaven.

Our Gosnell Gulag

Douglas Wilson:

The Gosnell moment, for that is what it is, presents a clear opportunity for a real change of cultural heart. There are moments when some suppressed or ignored horror comes sharply into focus, and after that, it is not really possible to go back to the way it was before. This is what happened when Solzhenitsyn published his Gulag, for example. Something that had been successfully accommodated became impossible to accommodate any further. It was a conscience moment, which, given the nature of the case, most often come to us unsought. But they do come.

Cheap eBooks for the Kindle

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Mike Leake:

Our church is tackling Colossians 1:15-23 this week. One of the questions that will come up in our Life Groups is how Colossians 1:23 relates to our eternal security in Jesus. Does our hope of “seeing God” rest on conditional promises? What does Paul mean in Colossians 1:23 if he says, “If indeed you…”?

Surprise, Your Favorite Band is a Christian Band! Now What?

Jason Morehead:

Let’s say that you suddenly found out your favorite band was a “Christian” band (or, at least, what you’d consider to be a “Christian” band). What are you supposed to do with that information? Should your estimation of a band change because of what you suddenly learn regarding their spiritual beliefs? Discovering something about a band’s (previously unknown) beliefs may grant you some extra insight into their lyrics and persona, and may give you even more appreciation for your favorite songs. But beyond that? What good, exactly, is that information?

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