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When My Children Act Out in Public

Christina Fox:

When my children do something childish, without thinking, and even out of ignorance, I am often embarrassed. Even when they are flat-out disobedient in public, doing something they know they shouldn’t do, I am embarrassed. I’ve come to realize that too often I respond to them out of that embarrassment. In those situations, I care more about what other people think of me than about responding to my children’s heart. While their behavior often requires correction and even consequences, I also need to pay attention to what is going on in my own heart. When their behavior becomes about me and how it makes me look to others, I need to do a heart check.

New eBook: How To Use A Capo

My friend Chris Vacher has just released a new eBook for worship leaders, How To Use A Capo. A few things he covers in the eBook:

  • Basics of using a capo
  • Different types of capos
  • How to buy the right capo
  • How to use a cut capo
  • Using a cut capo for alternate tunings
  • Advanced capo ideas
  • Next level suggestions and creative capo uses

Download a copy at Chris’ blog.

Is it ‘Unspiritual’ to be Discouraged?

Sinclair Ferguson:

From time to time over the centuries some Christians have taught, sometimes with tragic consequences, that a truly spiritual person never gets discouraged. To be cast down is, by definition, to be ‘unspiritual.’ Unless we are well-grounded in Scripture, it is very easy for us to be overwhelmed, confused, and even more discouraged by such teaching.

This teaching certainly seems logical: if the gospel saves us, it must save us from discouragement! It also appears to be wonderfully spiritual. After all, are we not ‘more than conquerors through him who loved us’ (Rom. 8:37)?

But this is not biblical logic, nor is it true spirituality.

Envy Hunts in a Pack

Joe Rigney:

Envy inevitably tears people apart. It is corrosive to genuine fellowship and camaraderie. It makes friendship and unity impossible. It undermines all of the glorious “one-anothering” that the gospel calls us to: love one another, encourage one another, accept one another, honor one another, serve one another, be kind to one another, bear with one another, and so on. The wolf-pack of envy is the death of gospel-shaped community.

I’m Just Not Wired That Way

Marc Cortez:

I spend a lot of time alone. And I like it. Working on my laptop, reading a book, or just listening to the birds outside my window, I cherish any time I get to myself. As an introvert, I’m wired that way. I enjoy (some) people, but I need my time alone.

I worry, though, about the possibility that embracing how I’m “wired” can become an excuse, a temptation to avoid opportunities/responsibilities simply because I don’t enjoy them or because they’re hard for me. When that happens, my strengths turn into weaknesses and I become my own enemy.

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