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Preparing College Students for Graduation

Kevin DeYoung:

This is finals week at Michigan State University. Soon students will be heading home for the summer, starting summer internships, or enrolling in summer classes. Other students will travel overseas for short-term missions, work at a camp, or get ready for a summer project filled with training and ministry opportunities. And then there are the students leaving school for good. Over the next few weeks thousands of Christian students will graduate from college and start the rest of their lives.

Will they be ready?

Mike Leake puts out an interesting request:

I’ve decided to begin a project that I have been dreaming about for a few years now. In order to move along in this project I need your help.

Pastors, laypeople, anyone…

If you had the opportunity to send a letter to a Christian hero of the past what would you write?

We Are a Deeply Needy People

Tim Brister:

We are a profoundly needy people. One of the ways we discover the extent of our need is through Christ’s provision of so many gifts of His Spirit. It is true that all we have and all we need is in Christ. But how is the abundant provision of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection appropriated to every believer? Jesus meets us where we are, with our specific needs, through the ministry of His Spirit among His people as gifts (abilities) are exercised for the service of the saints. What we discover when the gifts are exercised is nothing less than Christ Himself working through His body to accomplish His purposes in the world.

NIV Application Commentary sale for the Kindle

Zondervan’s got a huge sale on their NIV Application Commentary collection going on right now (Lord willing it’ll still be on when this post goes live). The following are $4.99 each:

Old Testament:

New Testament:


No Greater Love Has Anyone Than This. But This Other Thing Comes Pretty Close.

Jared Wilson shares a gross, but at the same time beautiful story:

Our oldest was up most of the night last night throwing up. She was not running a fever, so we are praying today it’s more something she ate than a bug of some kind. Becky stayed up with her, continually cleaning and emptying the receptacle kept by the bedside when sprinting to the toilet was a bridge too far. It’s a special thing, cleaning up somebody’s vomit.

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