Links I like (weekend edition)

Dear Mr. President

Gretchen R:

Mr. President, we are at opposing sides.  I did not vote for you, but I heard you many times talk about how we needed to come together.  Like it or not, you are my leader, and I try.  I hold your office in high esteem, and I am called to pray for whoever holds that office.  I try to raise my children to at least see the other side and seek to understand it.  I believe in education, not indoctrination.  Always seek to walk in another’s shoes.  I don’t believe that you need to agree with someone’s point of view to have compassion for that person.

New Wave Complementarianism: A Question and a Concern

Kevin DeYoung:

I’ve watched with great interest over the past few weeks as a constellation of blog posts have come out calling for a fresh complementarianism. The articles seem to be advocating for a third way between complementarianism and egalitarianism, or at least for an awareness that traditional complementarians have many weaknesses and egalitarians are asking a lot of good questions. The message often has an apologetic edge: we are complementarians, but not the ones you’re used to.

Thabiti’s also got a great article on this subject that you should read.

The Emperor is not Naked

Carl Trueman:

After a depressing afternoon hearing about the upfront speaker-fee schedules of men with well-paying day jobs, along with the need to pay for their personal assistants/wives/whatever to travel with them when away from home for a couple of nights, it was good to go back home, feel appropriately dirtied by it all and then think about the Psalms.  If I ruled the world (a most unlikely prospect, I admit) I would make sure that no man with a fee schedule or a minimum attendance requirement ever spoke in any church or Christian gathering anywhere; only those who never raise the issue of ‘How much?’ or “How many?’ (distinctly un-Pauline concerns, I would suggest) are worth listening to.  There are well-known men like that.  But not as many as there should be.  The Emperor is not naked but actually has clothes: tailor made silk suits from Savile Row.

Mike Leake:

The internet is not very conducive to obeying this command. When something goes viral it can be very tempting to be one of the voices in the crowd. If something is trending on Twitter all I have to do is write an article and put a # sign in there and immediately my blog will get an upswing in traffic.

Furthermore, there is a constant stream of vast amounts of material—most of it needing rebuked. Some things actually need a response. Most things only make us think that they need a response.

In the midst of all the noise God says to the Christian blogger, “let every [blogger] be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow and anger…”

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