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God’s Goodness in the Deepest Pain

Blessed Are Those Who Realize Their Desperate Need

Mark Altrogge:

The rule of Jesus brings incredible blessings – infinitely greater than this world’s blessings. The kingdom of God brings forgiveness of sins, friendship and fellowship with God, freedom from the power and guilt of sin, and the power of the Holy Spirit to please and enjoy God. The kingdom of God brings access to the throne of grace, God’s protection and provision and the wonderful promise that someday we’ll see Jesus’ face.

But everyone doesn’t automatically receive all this. We must be poor in spirit.  So what does that mean?

What do you do when the Word leaves you cold?

David Murray:

Many of us can identify with the question as we’ve been there ourselves. We remember the impact sermons made on us in the past – deep impressions, piercing convictions, powerful drawings – but now we feel like cold lifeless statues as we listen to the same preachers preaching similar sermons. What’s gone wrong? This will vary for different people, but let me suggest a few possibilities.

FactChecker: Does Abba Mean ‘Daddy’?

Glenn T. Stanton:

When listening to a sermon on the Fatherhood of God, we’ve heard it more times than we can probably count: the illustration that when Jesus refers to his Father as abba, it is a very comfortable, deeply intimate child-like term, interpreted as either papa or daddy. Jesus uses the term once in Mark’s gospel and Paul uses it two times in Romans and Galatians.

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  • Adam

    The price has already changed on the Preacher’s Commentary deal – now $50, so be careful before you click. (Which probably always goes without saying).