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Kindle deals for Christian readers

Here are a number of (hopefully!) still active deals for the Kindle:

On Why We should Love and Hate the Suburbs

Matthew Lee Anderson:

Like most kerfuffles, the recent dispute over Christianity and the suburbs has teetered on engendering far more heat than there has been light.

Some of that was due to our own Keith Miller’s post, which self-consciously provoked and explored questions rather than laid out definitive hypotheses.  (Mission accomplished.  The comments have been wonderful.)  But one gets the sense that the discussion has been fueled by vagueness, that it’s full of heuristic caricatures set up to illuminate more fundamental points.  And heuristic caricatures often breed defensive responses, and around the internet wheel-go-round we spin.  That’s my observation, anyway, which I am happy to be wrong about.

Kingdom Come—50% off at Westminster Books

Sam Storm’s new book, Kingdom Come: The Amillennial Alternative, is on sale at Westminster Books for $15 (a 50 per cent savings). You can read a sample which includes the introduction and first chapter here.

Radical Christianity: A Call to Legalism or a Cause to Live?

Ed Stetzer:

I think we need more missional and more radical role models and resources for the church. I think we need it because the bigger problem is complacency, not an overemphasis on radical missional living. At this time and in most Western cultural contexts, a consumer church is a greater danger than a radical Christianity.

However, that does not mean that all of us need to be David Platt.

Idle of the Heart

Joe Thorn:

I continually run into young men who are frustrated at their stage in life in part because of a lack of clarity about their calling, or a lack of opportunity to do what they really want to do.  This frustration leads many to become idle. Inactive if not aimless.

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