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Sanctification by time travel

David Murray:

…spiritual time travel is not an optional extra, something for high-flying Christians, but this is something for every Christian to try. In fact, you will never make much lasting progress in holiness if you do not travel back in time to Calvary’s cross and the empty tomb.

Let me put this as bluntly and as starkly as possible: The Christian’s holiness depends primarily on his/her ability to time travel by faith.

John Piper Is Not Anti-Seashell

Trevin Wax:

Piper’s sermon on a wasted life is powerful because it exposes the tragedy of living only for this world. But countless other sermons from Piper are powerful because they show the joy and wonder of living in this world and the importance of looking beyond the gift to the Maker of all good things – the Artist who splashes his brilliant colors on the canvas of creation.

Just Do Something: the study guide

Moody’s just released a free study guide to Kevin DeYoung’s excellent little book, Just Do SomethingDownload it here.

Kindle deals for Christian readers

Two of my friend Stephen Altrogge’s fiction books are free this week (and if they’re not already showing up free, they will be soon): The Chip and The Last Superhero. Both are really fun reads and well worth getting.

Also, on sale are Praying Backwards: Transform Your Prayer Life by Beginning in Jesus’ Name by Bryan Chappell ($1.94) and On the Grace of God by Justin Holcomb ($1.99). And in case you missed them over the weekend, here are a few other books still on sale:

A Biblical and Scientific Adam

Vern Polythress:

Did Adam and Eve exist? Does science say otherwise? The human genome project has produced voluminous data about the information contained in human DNA. Various news media and scientists tell us that this information demonstrates our ape ancestry. How do we evaluate these claims?

The Unspoken Tension Between (Some) Pastors and (Some) Laity

Thom Rainer:

There is a growing tension between some pastors and some laity in churches across America. It is not pervasive, but it’s growing. Frankly, I don’t even like the seemingly opposing labels of pastors and laity. I just don’t know how to describe the groups otherwise.

This tension is like the family secret that no one mentions explicitly, but many speak around it and near it. And this tension is growing.

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