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Quit Calling Your Wife Hot

Barnabas Piper, in what might be the post of the week:

I saw a tweet from a friend last week that said “If I hear one more Christian guy call his wife hot (every time he talks about her), I’m going to throw a plate at the wall.” I suggested that he actually throw the plate at the guy calling his wife hot, or “smokin’ hot” for that matter (tongue in cheek, of course). Maybe it would knock some sense and normalcy into them.

Is Your Child’s Cell Phone Stunting Their Growth?

Aimee Byrd:

There comes a time in every parent’s life where we have to make that scary decision that our child is ready to wipe their own tush. Of course they’re not going to do it as good as us. But they have to learn. It’s our job to teach them well, and leave them to their business. We are still there if they need some advice.

How to Survive a Cultural Crisis

Mark Dever:

It’s easy to feel like we’ve become the new “moral outlaws,” to use Al Mohler’s phrase. Standing up for historic Christian principles will increasingly get you in trouble socially and maybe economically, perhaps one day also criminally. It’s ironic that Christians are told not to impose their views on others, even as the threat of job loss or other penalties loom over Christians for not toeing the new party line.

In all this, Christians are tempted to become panicked or to speak as alarmists. But to the extent we do, to that same extent we show we’ve embraced an unbiblical and nominal Christianity.

Going Soft Against Wrath

Ray Ortlund:

What is the wise response to an angry person who says something cruel, false or demanding? Proverbs 15:1 helps us in those awkward moments at home, at work, in our churches.

The key is “a soft answer.”

So, you’re standing there, stunned by those words that have just exploded in your face. In that instant of decision, as your mind is forming a response, “a soft answer” is the category you need. What is that?

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