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Doubt Your Doubts

Lore Ferguson:

Increasingly, doubt and doubters are given platforms in church culture, and I see some good reason for it: arrogant certainty in rules and principles has led into a legalism of culture and spirit. The only answer for many dechurched or post-evangelicals is to circle their doubt like the drain in a bathtub. The problem with it, though, is the only place it leads is down.

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The Worst Sort of Product Rating

Barnabas Piper:

In the era of online shopping and downloading, product reviews are a crucial part of any choice. When I go to Amazon or Goodreads or just about anywhere to look at a product the reviews make a significant difference. But I’ve noticed something about these reviews. The worst ones are not the lowest ones.

Why every pastor should read about Melissa’s suicide

Thom Rainer:

Frank and Dayle Page had the “perfect” family. Or so it seemed to many of us on the outside looking in. Frank had pastored a megachurch. He had been elected president of the Southern Baptist Convention, the nation’s largest Protestant denomination. Even today he serves as president and chief executive officer of the administrative offices of the denomination. And he has three lovely daughters.

But one of those daughters, Melissa, was troubled most of her life. She was spunky and compassionate at the same time, but her life was dominated by problems and depression.

Melissa took her own life. As a young adult lady, Melissa committed suicide.

The New Purpose of Marriage

Collin Hansen:

To our highly individualistic Western culture, only libertarian arguments make any sense, even to many Christians. Personally we might say homosexuality is a sin; but what right do we have to impose our values on anyone else? If they aren’t harming anyone else, then who can deny their gay marriages equal protection under the law?

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