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Is the Bible Too Violent for Kids?

Trevin Wax:

Many churches using The Gospel Project for Kids are now working their way through Joshua and Judges. Exciting stories, for sure!

But we’ve heard from a few leaders who are troubled by the violence in these accounts. One pastor recently asked us how we approached the planning process:

How did you balance the need to convey the Biblical message and keep it age appropriate? How do you respond to the modern desire to keep children from being exposed to the violence in the Bible?

There are two approaches to telling preschoolers and elementary kids stories that contain violence.

“Radical” Three Years Later

David Platt:

Over these last three years, I have longed to shepherd readers of Radical as they have processed through truths from God’s Word that I pray are accurately reflected in the book. One of the things I love most about pastoring is walking God’s people week by week through God’s Word. Every Sunday, we build upon where we have been, and we set our sights upon what is ahead for us as a local church. This shepherding process involves a continual interplay between pastors and people where we are constantly addressing significant needs, asking tough questions, and assessing important issues within the context of our faith family.

Resisting the Pound of Flesh

Daniel Darling:

One of the best illustrations of leadership in the Bible is King David’s refusal, twice, to kill King Saul (1 Samuel 24, 1 Samuel 26). You don’t have to be well steeped in Old Testament history to know that Saul was the jealous king who had disobeyed God and took out his anger and wrath on David. For many, many years he chased David around the land of Israel, trying hard to kill this shepherd boy-turned-King. Even Saul’s own son, Jonathan, knew his father was wrong and befriended David at the risk of his life.

Ira Glass on How the Media Portrays Christians


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