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Everything I Know about Pastoral Ministry I Learned Riding with Pastors

Thabiti Anyabwile:

Nearly everything I think I know about pastoral ministry I’ve learned from someone else. Usually the learning has come in one-sentence statements mentioned in almost throw-away lines. Often it’s been driving along in the car talking about life and ministry.

I’ve been thinking about this recently and decided to compile a list of some of them. In no particular order, here are some gems that have served me for years in most cases.

A Few Words on The End of Our Exploring

Matthew Lee Anderson shares about excellent upcoming book, The End of Our Exploring: A Book about Questioning and the Confidence of Faith:

When I set out to write it, I placed on myself what appears in retrospect to be an unreasonable challenge: I wanted the book to be so well written, so well done, that it would “sell itself.” My inner logic was that if the words themselves didn’t move people to tell others, then no marketing technique or “platform” could save them. And even more damningly, such words wouldn’t be worth saving. I wanted the words themselves to be of the sort that might endure to eternal life and the process of writing to be an act of faith, a sign between me and God of my faith in him and in the calling I had once discerned to say things in public.

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The Three Worst Qualities about the Gospel-Centered Movement

Dave Moser:

There are three major failings the gospel-centered movement is prone to. From time to time I see them in myself and I want to warn you against them.

(HT: David Murray)

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The hardcover edition of The Gospel Focus of Charles Spurgeon by Steven Lawson is on sale in today’s $5 Friday sale at Also on sale:

  • Crucial Questions bundle by R.C. Sproul (paperback)
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Confession as Idle, Lustful Babbling: 5 Errors

Jared Wilson:

The greatest temptation in Christian communities is to avoid confession altogether, to maintain the facade, the uneasy stasis of staying right near the surface and never getting too deep, too real, too honest with each other. But on the other side, another temptation, perhaps not as great but just as real, is what often happens in place of real confession. We might call it “confession as performance.”

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