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Kindle deals for Christian readers

The Masculine Mandate: God’s Calling to Men by Richard D. Phillips—FREE

Doxology and Theology: How the Gospel Forms the Worship Leader by Matt Boswell—$4.99

Crucifying Morality by R W Glenn—$3.99

The Pilgrim’s Progress: From This World to That Which Is to Come by John Bunyan—$3.37

Preach: Theology Meets Practice by Mark Dever and Greg Gilbert—$4.95

Manhood Restored: How the Gospel Makes Men Whole by Eric Mason—$5.99

I Am a Church Member: Discovering the Attitude that Makes the Difference by Thom Rainer—$4.99

Subversive Kingdom: Living as Agents of Gospel Transformation by Ed Stetzer—$4.99

Everyday Prayers: 365 Days to a Gospel-Centered Faith by Scotty Smith—$1.99

Spiritual Warfare and Missions by Jerry Rankin and Ed Stetzer—$2.99

Praying Backwards: Transform Your Prayer Life by Beginning in Jesus’ Name by Bryan Chapell—$4.99

Scandalous by D.A. Carson—$3.99

Jack: A Life of C. S. Lewis by George Sayer—$4.99

The Primacy of the Word in Worship

Ron Man:

…the astounding observation has been made as to how little use is made of Scripture in the worship services of most evangelical churches. The irony of course is that those who claim most strongly to stand on the Bible have so little of it in their worship. While the sermon of course takes a prominent role in our services, even preaching consists mostly of talking about the Scriptures (often after reading just a very few verses). It must be said that liturgical groups (whether on the more liberal or the more conservative end of the spectrum theologically) have probably ten times as much actual Scripture in their services (because it is built into their liturgies) as most evangelical free churches!

Fighting the Tyranny of Ministry Success

Ben Stuart:

What is the most loving thing God can do for a 22-year-old minister?

In my case, it was ordaining that my inaugural, epic, game-changing, well-publicized ministry event be attended by one kid.

One single human being. A junior high boy named Austin.

Experience: An Eventual Black Hole into Nirvana?

Peter Jones:

A week ago I spent a fascinating day in a San Diego courtroom hearing arguments for and against the teaching of yoga in schools. The question is: can yoga ever be a non-religious exercise?

Seven Ways to Wage War Against Sin

Chris Poblete:

Seldom is written these days about how to “put to death the deeds of the body.” Thankfully, the Puritan writers were not silent on the issue. John Owen called it the mortification of sin.… If sin is out to kill me, then I ought to know how to kill it first—mortify it. Consider these seven ways we can wage war against sin.

The Practical Calvin: Holiness and the Christian Life

Brandon Smith:

John Calvin. This name is has different meanings depending on one’s theological framework, denominational upbringing, or knowledge of church history. He is loved by many, hated by many, and surely unknown to many others. Regardless of one’s opinion of Calvin, he is often seen as the rigid theologian who wrote extremely lofty thoughts about the sovereignty and glory of God.

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