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Why I Don’t Hate the Word ‘Inerrancy’

Andrew Wilson:

I hate a number of things. Some of them are rather silly: soap operas, egg mayonnaise, cats. Some of them are deadly serious: sex slavery, adultery, cancer, human trafficking, abortion, racism. In a handful of cases, I even hate words: “moist,” “ogle,” and “pamphlet” are among the most odious. But I don’t hate the word “inerrancy.” In fact, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest.


Great song from Ghost Ship, from their new album The Good King:

Buy their album, The Good King, on iTunes or stream it here free.

Can a leader be self-appointed?

Kim Shay:

When I think about good leaders, I am often struck by how quickly they are to resist the notion that they are leaders. My in-laws are not attention-seekers. They don’t look for fame or repute. They simply serve the God they love. I have a husband like that as well. He is a very good leader, but it’s not something he seeks, and it’s not something he wears like a badge. He doesn’t go around telling others he’s a leader; he just does it. That is the way my in-laws work, too. They simply go about their business with humility and devotion.

6 Reasons Men Should Read More Stories than Men’s Books

Barnabas Piper:

“If men read fewer books on manhood and more really good stories they’d be much better for it.”

I tweeted this last week, and the response I got was strong. I didn’t post it because I hate books on manhood. On the contrary, I think they can be quite helpful – helpful in the same way an instruction manual is. That is to say, once you have the motivation and the tools manhood books are useful. Many of them try to inspire, but rah rah speeches and point-by-point arguments are only so motivating.

What’s Good for the Advance of the Gospel?

Darryl Dash:

I have a friend with a sunny disposition. It doesn’t matter what happens to him; he smiles and finds something good to say. Coffee stain on his shirt? That color looks better anyway. A flat tire? What great timing! Tires are on sale this time of year. You can’t get the guy down.

I’ve never had the impression that the Apostle Paul had this type of personality. He seems to have been too realistic and too sarcastic to be accused of being the eternal optimist.

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