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Arrogant Beliefs (and the arrogant believers who arrogantly believe them)

Clint Roberts:

The first thing is to distinguish between arrogant beliefs and an arrogant disposition or demeanor. It is fairly safe to say that everybody believes, in principle at least, that being an arrogant person is not good. People are prone to act that way, naturally, since pride is a universal weakness in human character. But nobody would advocate or defend arrogance as a worthy trait.  Christian teaching condemns it as a vice, the opposite of humility, which is a virtue.

Kindle deals for Christian readers

With a new month inevitably come new Kindle deals. Here are a whole whack of new ones for you:

The Heroes of the Faith biography series is also available for 99¢ per title:

Why Matt Anderson wrote The End of Our Exploring

Matt explains in the trailer for his new book:

If you’re at all curious about this book (and you should be!), check out the sample the Moody Collective has kindly made available (and look for my slightly delayed review soon!).

Missions and Absentee Fatherhood

Jeremy Parks:

I work in international missions and happen to be responsible for a specific people group, roughly 72,000 strong, scattered across a country the size of Colorado.  I have some local partners here and there, but by and large I work alone.  I could probably travel 3 out of 4 weekends in search of people who need the gospel.  This leads to my phobia: absentee fatherhood.

When Christians fire Christians

Thom Rainer:

I feel like I’m walking on metaphorical eggshells with this blogpost. My challenge is that I am asked about this issue almost as much as any other. The question typically comes from a pastor or other church leader, but it could come from a leader of another Christian organization. Should we as Christians fire other Christians who work in our organization?

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