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Pastor Pat: Community Life Pastor

Joe Thorn introduces you to Redeemer’s full-time Community LIfe Pastor, Pat Aldridge (who’s a great guy!):

Pat has served as an elder of Redeemer since the beginning, and has long felt called to vocational ministry. As Redeemer has grown our need for a second staff pastor has become critical. By the grace of God and the generosity of his people we are now able to support another pastor. So after 13 years of working for Toyota Pat has followed the Lord’s leading and left his career behind to fulfill his calling.

Thrilled for Pat, Joe and Redeemer Fellowship! And speaking of Joe…

Why I’m Pulling a Whitefield

People are asking me why I’m jumping into street preaching this weekend. Here’s a little history and the burden I’m feeling.

In February of 2011 Steve McCoy began talking to me about open air evangelism–preaching the gospel in the street. He then put up a blog post called, “The Gospel in the Open Air” that was so strong I said that it was perhaps the most important blog post of the year. Steve stirred me up. Or perhaps the Holy Spirit stirred me up through Steve.

I have long been fascinated with the tales of open air preachers like Whitelfield, Wesley, the Haldane brothers, Moody, etc. But I have never done it. I evangelize conversationally in public. I formally preach in the gathered assembly. But I haven’t mixed the two.

Blogs, Facebook, and the Flock

David Murray:

“Social media” means I’m not speaking about church websites, which are generally static shop windows without the social, interactive, relational component of social media.

“Local pastorate” also limits the subject. My task is to provide guidance for local pastors especially as they interact with their local church and local community. Although God may open a much wider door of usefulness via blogs, etc., it’s important that local pastors do not aim for that and, even when given such opportunity, do not make that wider audience the priority at the expense of ministering to their own flock.

Beliefs Are Not Set in Stone, Except for When They’re on Tablets

Derek Rishmawy:

As we seek Christ, who is the Truth, pilgrims with fallen and finite minds must be open to theological correction; we are still in via, still on the way. As such, shifts shouldn’t simply be chalked up to mere accommodation or calcification. To think you’ve got it nailed when it comes to God at 25, 45, or even 85 is simply hubris.

That said, I’m not convinced Peter’s encounter with Cornelius is an adequate model for Christians reconsidering their position on same-sex relationships within the Christian body.

Twenty types of tweets: how many do you use?

Adrian Warnock:

Perhaps the recipe for success on Twitter is posting the right proportion of some or maybe even all of the following types of tweet. When someone posts too many of any individual variety of post it can certainly be off-putting in my view. A balanced diet is definitely best, and yet some of these types of tweet should be more used than others. One thing for sure, however, once you have read this list you will never be able to say “but there’s nothing I could write about” again!

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