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Kindle deals for Christian readers

A few new Kindle deals for you:

The Faithful Preacher by Thabiti Anyabwile—$2.99

A God-Entranced Vision of All Things by John Piper—$2.99

God’s Grand Design by Sean Michael Lucas—$2.99

Jonathan Edwards and Justification by Josh Moody—$3.99

The Theology of B.B.Warfield by Fred Zaspel—$3.99

Warfield on the Christian Life by Fred Zaspel—$2.99

9 Things You Should Know About Independence Day and the Declaration of Independence

Joe Carter:

July 4, 2013 will be America’s 237th Independence Day, the day Americans celebrate our Declaration of Independence from Great Britain. Here are nine things you should know about American’s founding document and the day set aside for its commemoration.

Ten reasons I’ll never stream the worship set

Todd Wright:

“Live streaming” has created a unique opportunity for churches to allow folks to view archived services in real time on the screen of their choosing. But I’m not sure it’s always a good thing.

I’ve got friends who live stream their worship services – good, talented, Godly people who are abundantly gifted. My thoughts below aren’t a slam on these folks, but rather some things I’ve realized about live streaming that make it a non-option for the place I lead.

How to Think On These Things

Daniel Darling:

One of the things that struck me, while I was away, was just how hard it is for Christians to enjoy the good things in life. Perhaps its an overactive conscience or the lies of the enemy. I’m not sure. But every time we do something we enjoy, like eating a great meal or enjoying a movie, we have that little twinge of guilt that says, “We shouldn’t be having so much fun.” Or we have to come up with a thousands justifications.

3 Keys to Teaching New Songs in Church

Chris Vacher:

New songs seem to be very important to God in that they indicate how God has changed our lives and demonstrate that He is the source of everything. New songs can indicate that our life used to be about THIS but now my life is about HIM. New songs can demonstrate that God has done THIS and we continue to praise HIM.

We can find several roadblocks when it comes to teaching new songs. Here are just a few:

  • How does a worship leader FIND new songs?
  • How does a worship leader FILTER new songs?
  • How does a worship leader FEATURE new songs?

Let’s work through each of these one a time and see how unlocking these three keys will help every worship leader teach new songs to their congregation.

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