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Is it mean and divisive to call out false teachers?

Josh Howerton:

If you’re new to Twitter, what’s before the backslashes is Joel’s statement and what’s after them is my commentary on his statement. Immediately, I got a FLOOD of angry responses that boiled down to two things…

  • “That’s so mean! Why not just overlook your differences and encourage a Christian brother!?”
  • “Why are you being so divisive!? Build bridges, not walls!”

More recently, Christian Hip Hop artist Shai Linne debuted a song called “Fal$e Teacher$” in which he accused teachers like Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, T.D. Jakes, Joyce Meyer, Paula White, Fred Price, Kenneth Copeland, Robert Tilton, Eddie Long, Juanita Bynum and Paul Crouch of being “false teachers”. The backlash was sharp and immediate with THOUSANDS condemning Linne of being “mean” and “divisive”. As a pastor who cares (deeply) for both the fame of Jesus and the good of people he died to save, this issue has been increasingly heavy in my heart.

Buy The End of Our Exploring, give a digital edition to a friend

Until July 15th, anyone who buys a copy of Matt Anderson’s new book, The End of our Exploring, will be able to give a digital copy away to a friend.

Here’s how it works:

  • Buy the book.
  • Email a copy of your receipt of purchase to
  • Include the email address and the name of the person you are giving an electronic copy to.
  • Moody will follow up with that person to find out what platform they want their copy in:  Kindle, Nook, Google Play, PDF, and so on.
  • Send that person a note to let them know how awesome you are that you got them free stuff and so they aren’t creeped out by Moody’s email (not mandatory, but why not?).
  • Tell all your friends on Twitter and Facebook and everywhere else about the deal, or just buy more copies of the book and repeat the process (again, not mandatory, but with a deal like this how could you not?)
  • Anyone who has already bought a copy of the book can participate.

Are We Settling For Less Of God Than He Wants To Give?

Stephen Altrogge:

Do you feel like you’ve pretty much seen all that God has to offer? Is your relationship with God just another part of your daily routine? Are you dipping your teaspoon into the ocean and saying, “This is God,”?

How Pervasive and Practical Is the Beauty of God?

John Piper:

Nothing ugly is ever called glorious in the Bible. There is “great sin” (Genesis 20:9), but never “glorious sin.” The evil one has “cosmic power” (Ephesians 6:12), but not cosmic “glory.” The reason for this is that sin and evil are not beautiful. But glory includes beauty. Glory includes more, but never less. Nothing ugly is glorious.

Therefore, the beauty of God is as pervasive and practical as the glory of God. If we admire the glory of God, we are admiring God’s beauty. If the glory of God has an effect in our lives, God’s beauty is having an effect. If God acts to magnify this glory, he is acting to magnify his beauty.

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