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DOMA and the Rock

Rosaria Champagne Butterfield:

Homosexuality is a sin, but so is homophobia. Homophobia is irrational fear of a whole people group, failing to see in that group God’s image diminished but not extinguished by sin, and that God’s elect people linger there, snared by their own design and awaiting gospel grace. Biding time. Think about that. Waiting like the caterpillar that spawned today’s butterfly. God has set apart a people from before the foundation of the world to receive his grace, and they are waiting for you in every nation and people group. It is an act of homophobia to believe that people in the LGBT community are either too sinful to respond to God’s call on their life, or to believe that people in the LGBT community have a fixed nature that will never, by the blustering, unfounded, and uncharitable declarations of secular psychology, change by the power of the gospel.

I want to know what love is

David Murray:

And that’s what makes Christianity so unique. It offers the greatest love imaginable – the love of God. That’s why the John, the Apostle of love, dwells on this theme so much and exclaims: “This is love! not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins” (1 John 4:10). This is what makes the Gospel the Gospel.

The Biggest Mistakes Young Preachers Make

Tullian Tchividjian, Voddie Baucham and Russell Moore discuss:

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5 Things You Should Never Say or Do at a Funeral

John Pond:

Nothing makes me shrink back from holy ambition and the good fight of ministry like preaching a funeral. I wrestle for days and nights on not only what to say but also how to say it. If I’m enjoying an encouraging season of life, I struggle to enter into the suffering of the grieving. Who am I to represent the feelings of the hurting family as they watch me attempt to honor their loved one? But much changed for me when I preached my dad’s funeral last August. God gave me the insight of not just the preacher but also the family member.

25 Common Phrases That You’re Saying Wrong

Dominique Jackson:

Being a freelance writer, I often find myself messing up common phrases. When I’m unsure, I do a quick Google search to make sure that what I’m writing is actually what I’m trying to say. This inspired me to come up with a list of common phrases that people frequently get wrong. Some of them aren’t completely our fault because the incorrect way of saying them has actually become the “norm”. But we’re still wrong.

Here’s my list of common phrases that you might be saying incorrectly. Don’t be embarrassed if you notice you use the incorrect phrase; we all do it.

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