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Not Guilty: Now What?

Trillia Newbell:

The verdict is in. George Zimmerman has been found not guilty of second-degree murder in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. The reactions have been strong and may only become more intense and polarizing as analysis of the case continues to roll in. Some believed justice has been done; others that injustice has been committed.

Regardless of the reaction, this remains certain: Trayvon Martin is dead, a mom and dad will never see their son again, and Zimmerman’s life will never be the same.

To-Do Tonight

Joe Thorn:

The end of the night is often a quick fade into sleep without much preparation for it, or the next day. I often hit the bed and am out in about 2 minutes. But it is good to take ourselves before God as we retire for the evening in order to maintain communion with him even as we close our eyes to finish the evening. So, especially tonight as we are anticipating corporate worship tomorrow morning, take the time to prepare yourself both sleeping and waking by…

Kindle deals for Christian readers

A few new Kindle deals to start the week:

God Has A Prayer Book. Are You Using It?

Josh Blount:

Prayer is difficult. Not because of anything in God – as the Puritan Matthew Henry observed, God is more eager to hear our prayers than we are to pray them. No, prayer is difficult because of us. Sinful flesh and human weakness battle against our ability to persevere in prayer. Publishers know this. Search for “prayer” on Amazon and you’ll find enough books to construct a small mansion entirely from piles of “7 Steps” paperbacks. Many of these are helpful books (though some of them aren’t!). But wouldn’t it be nice to have the definitive book on prayer, one that included both forms of prayers and words to pray, one that could be used in any season of life?

Actually, that sounds like the Psalms.

Book giveaway over at Brave Reviews

Jason over at Brave Reviews is giving away a whole pile of books from Zondervan, IVP, Moody and more. Go check it out!

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