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Maybe Our Churches Need Less of “More”

Chad Hall:

I often hear from church and business leaders a mantra of “MORE!”  The cry is for more resources, more services, more staff, more volunteers, more users, more creativity, more partnership, more this and more that.

But what if “more” is not what’s needed?

“All things for good.” Sin too?

David Murray:

All sin is evil. No sin is worth it. It’s always better that we not sin. However, sin is also part of the “all things” that God works together for the good of His people (Rom. 8:28). Consider 12 “goods” that can result from sin that is repented of and forgiven.

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The Phrase that Enslaves Moms in Every Season

Lindsey Carlson:

Swollen and pregnant, I waddled toward the other moms gathering under a shaded pavilion. Noticing my apparent look of weary exasperation, a mom with much older kids approached me and jokingly asked how I was doing. I rambled off a list of the morning’s mishaps, noting my weariness.

That’s when it happened—she breathed the one phrase that enslaves moms in any season: “Just wait.” The words seemed to come out in slow-motion, growling their fearful warning.

Don’t Forget Jesus in an Argument

Derek Rishmawy:

If you’ve ever had an “intensely engaged” discussion with a friend in class, a Facebook thread, blog, or a Twitter-battle, you’ve engaged in polemics. Now, you needn’t worry that this is a particularly un-Christian activity. A friend of mine recently pointed out that Christians have always argued and always will—for good reason. Thinking through history, some of the greats in the Church have been polemecists: Athanasius, Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, Calvin, and many others were willing to throw down over truth. They were great precisely because they could argue, not despite it.

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