Memorizing God’s Word: Colossians

For the next few weeks, our small group is studying the book of Colossians and a few of us started thinking about what it might look like to memorize the entire book, a little at a time. A while back I went through the process of memorizing the book of Philippians, so I was definitely encouraging them to go for it.

That’s why I’ve put together a little tool to help them—and maybe you!—memorize the book of Colossians:

This booklet will help you work your way through the book of Colossians over 15 weeks, internalizing it and implanting it in your heart and mind.

I genuinely love reading God’s Word (even on the days when it’s a challenge to read my Bible at all), and memorization only fuels that desire. This was certainly my experience with Philippians. Although, admittedly, I’ve not kept up on my practice as much as I should (read: hardly at all in the last year), I still find myself encouraged whenever a verse pops into my head—especially when it’s during a time when I desperately need that encouragement from Scripture. It makes me want to go back to the text again and re-read and strengthen what’s taken root—and I’m looking forward to more of that with Colossians.

Download Memorizing God’s Word: Colossians (PDF).

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  • KevinHalloran

    Great resource, Aaron. Just printed it!

  • ‘Guerite ~ BoldLion

    I am now currently printing this off! We at my church, my pastor is preaching through Colossians and I happened to be reading The Hope of Glory (100 Daily Meditations on Colossians) by Sam Storms.

  • Paul Turner

    Good stuff. I am going to use this with our youth.

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