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The Most Frightening Prayer I Could Pray for My Children

Christina Fox:

he most frightening prayer I could pray for my children is the one they need the most.

Now, I always pray about their behavior, their health, their progress in school, and their friendships. I also pray about their future and their jobs. I pray that my boys would marry “nice Christian girls.” But to be honest, when I pray for my children, it is easiest to ask that their lives be smooth and stress-free. It is easy to pray for their comfort and ease, for their lives to be absent of pain and grief.

Is Jeremiah 17:9 True of the the Believer?

Ernie Baker:

Just because we can relate to the language experientially and just because it teaches an accurate theology of human nature does not mean that we should relate this verse to ourselves the same way it applies to unbelievers. It is vital that we not allow our experience to be the interpretive guide. As believers we must not only understand the immediate context and the greater context of Jeremiah, but also how the New Testament answers our questions.

How Jesus Traded Places With a Leper

Kevin DeYoung:

Here’s a man with leprosy, a skin disease, and the Old Testament says that he has to declare himself “Unclean, unclean!” This leper is in exile. He’s an outcast. No wonder he calls upon Jesus: “You can make me clean.” So Jesus makes him clean.

But then something curious happens. Jesus instructs the former leper not to tell anybody about his miraculous healing.

A Public Statement Concerning Sexual Abuse in the Church of Jesus Christ

Justin Holcomb has put together a very thoughtfully (and strongly) worded statement regarding sexual abuse in the church. I’d encourage you giving this one a careful read. (Note: I’m not excerpting from this one as you really do need to read it as a whole).

Gotcha Day: A Cautionary Tale

Shaun Groves:

Yesterday was Sambhaji’s “Gotcha Day.” It’s not the day we went to his orphanage in India and brought him home to Nashville – we never did that. Another mom and dad did.

Two years ago we received a phone call from our social worker. A couple in our state had adopted a little boy from India but now wanted to “disrupt” the adoption.

They were his forever family for ten days.

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  • Shaun Groves

    Thanks for the link love, friend. That’s some great company to be in. Honored.

    • Aaron Armstrong

      Glad to share the post—I really appreciated reading the story.