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Learning to Ask for Help

Jackie Knapp:

Somehow in the midst of younger and more idealistic days, I came to believe that anyone doing full-time ministry, counselors, and especially anyone living overseas, was above the problems of everyone else, that these people didn’t struggle with normal human pain or sin. I’m not exactly sure what is to blame for this, but I do know that I sauntered into full-time ministry wearing some very rose-colored glasses.

Book trailer: Jesus on Every Page

Check out the trailer for David Murray’s upcoming book, Jesus on Every Page: 10 Simple Ways to Seek and Find Christ in the Old Testament:

Really looking forward to reading this one!

J.I. Packer’s conversion

HT: Desiring God

Matthias Media bundle on sale at Westminster Books

Westminster Bookstore has four books from Matthias Media on sale for $20. Included in the set:

This deal ends July 31, so order soon.

Flaunting Our Bacon

Mike Leake:

Because of the work of Christ people are now free to eat bacon. Yet, some early Christians had a difficult time making this transition. They grew up thinking that everything that came from a pig was dirty and defiled. In the same way some Gentiles had a difficult time eating food that had been previously offered to idols. Others believed they were free to do anything.

This was Paul’s response to both.

Naked and Unashamed

Gavin Ortlund:

Imagine getting fired as the CEO of a company, in front of all your employees, by your own son. This is similar to the experience David lived through that gave us Psalm 3. His son Absalom conspired against him, forcing him to flee from Jerusalem. While travelling barefoot away from Jerusalem, David and his loyal servants cover their heads—a portrait of shame, humiliation, and disgrace (2 Sam. 15:30). Then it gets worse: a man from the house of Saul named Shimei walks alongside David and his servants, throwing rocks and flinging dust, cursing and mocking. He calls David “worthless” and a “man of blood,” claiming David is experiencing judgment from God himself (2 Sam. 16:7-8). David’s servants implore him to kill the man, but David refuses, claiming God sent Shimei to curse them (2 Sam. 16:9-13).

This is King David in all his shame: fleeing from his kingdom, weeping, and enduring pebbles and taunts along the way.

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