Links I like (weekend edition)

Seeking Biblical Answers for Global Issues

Over at the Vyrso blog, Dominic Sickich kindly featured my book, Awaiting a Savior, which is part of their Biblical Answers bundle:

Our minds are like tin cans, while God’s knowledge is as vast as an ocean. Can you imagine trying to fit an ocean into a tin can? It’s impossible. However, when we seek him through Scripture and prayer, our cans fill and overflow with his wisdom. God wants us to study his Word so that our minds can reach their greatest potential.

In Awaiting a Savior: The Gospel, the New Creation, and the End of Poverty, Aaron Armstrong reminds readers of this truth in regard to questions surrounding poverty. Armstrong provides a theological look at global poverty and guides readers through applying biblical truth to modern issues.

The Biblical Answers bundle, featuring Awaiting a Savior, Killing Calvinism and Innocent Blood, is on sale for $10.32 until July 31.

Why Are There Bibles In Hotel Rooms?

Emily Upton:

Why are there Bibles in hotel rooms? When did this tradition start?

“Hotel Bibles” are also called “Gideon Bibles” after Gideon International, a group of male missionaries and Christian businessmen who took it upon themselves to provide this work to hotels across the nation.

Here’s how it all started.

Fruit from Deep Brokenness

Dan Darling:

For my weekly Leadership Journal interview, I chat with Mary Demuth, a good friend. She’s a gifted author and speaker. Mary has a way of speaking from her own personal pain and brokenness into the lives of others in a unique way.

Food Porn and the Fellowship Hall

J.A. Medders:

We shudder at the idea of a few high school kids flipping through some centerfolds in the tool shed behind the church’s family life center (and we should). But why don’t we have the same reaction to the father of four who is 150 pounds overweight, getting his third helping of blackberry cobbler and ice cream right before our eyes? We show concern for the anorexic and bulimic but ignore the obese.

This should not be. We all have some repenting today.

The Wedding Vows, 20 Years Later

Steve McCoy:

I could write the obligatory post or FB update on how amazing she is and how undeserving I am and how I’m glad we get to go on this journey together and I hope we get 20 more years on this journey. I believe those things and could easily say them and mean them.

I could talk about how much joy I still have when I see her or hear her voice. But we’ve both come to realize that after 10 years those things were easy to say, but after 20 there’s a whole lot of other things in our lives that won’t allow me to write something trite because 20 years of marriage isn’t easy. It’s been very hard. The fun of the first 10 years disappeared a bit in the light of other developments. We often say to each other, remember when we used to make up corny songs or give each other silly nicknames? Of course we remember, but we don’t do that nearly as much now. We still do some of that, but they have mostly disappeared in the light of other developments.

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