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Why I’m Not Overjoyed Our Town’s Adult Bookstore Closed

Jared Wilson:

We had to pass it every time we drove into Rutland. There was really no way around it, unless you wanted to drive miles out of the way. It was our town’s only (as far as I know) adult video store. I remember the day I drove by and they had several large poster board signs taped to the front announcing that the DVD’s were buy one get one half off. I thought of the men and women who might be tempted by such an offer. I wondered if any of my church folks ever wandered into that store. I hoped it would one day disappear.

And then one day it did.

Kindle deals (round 2)

A few more Kindle deals for you:

When Churches Produce Heretics instead of Disciples

Tim Kimberley:

Then came the “Aha” moment for why I was asked to talk with Jake at the Credo House. As Jake read the Bible he processed some of the content in unusual ways. First, he believed any ideas he came up with from the Bible must be correct because the Spirit must have communicated the ideas directly to him. If anyone thinks his interpretation is wrong…Jake thinks they must be wrong. Second, he had closely correlated the Bible with Astrology. Note, I said Astrology and not Astronomy.

Motivations and Hindrances in Communion with Jesus, My Lord

Thabiti Anyabwile:

Of late I’ve not been maintaining a regular and fruitful communion with my Lord. I could use more socially acceptable terms like “struggling,” but the truth is my lazy flesh has won more mornings than my willing spirit. I’ve found myself–once again–in a dry and weary land. And I haven’t fought as I should. Does anybody know what I’m talking about?

Emerging from this period of dullness, I’ve been reflecting on some tensions in my approach to communion with the Lord. There are things that push me toward the Lord, and there are things that pull me away. It’s been good for my soul to see something of these tensions. I’m hoping I’ll be more familiar with my heart and more watchful of those things that erode my conscious communion with Christ. What follows are three positive motivations to communion with Christ and three enemies that war against them. Perhaps this will be helpful for someone else, too.

Putting Online Shepherding In Its Place

Mike Leake:

When Al Gore invented the internet* a new opportunity for “pastoring” was also invented. With a few strokes on my keyboard and a click of the mouse I can sit under teaching from all around the world. I can be “pastored” by a guy that I’ve never met and live in a “community” filled with people I’ve never actually seen.

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