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Pray For Your Wife: 31 Day Challenge

Mike Leake is challenging husbands to pray for their wives for the next 31 days. Do this!

Peter And The Promise

Tullian Tchividjian:

Apart from his being the first to acknowledge that Jesus was the Christ, the son of God, almost everything Peter did in the Gospels ended in a correction, a rebuke, or just simple failure. It is hard to imagine how to be a worse disciple than Peter, short of rejecting the faith entirely, once and for all. He could be relied upon to fail at doing God’s bidding, with one or two salient exceptions. Yet these exceptions were enough for Jesus to proclaim that he was the rock. Why?

Don’t Be A Bible Pharmacist Be A Bible Doctor!

Stephen Altrogge:

There are two ways to get medicine. The first is from a pharmacist. I call in my prescription, the pharmacist counts out the pills, places them in a bottle, and hands the bottle to me, no questions asked. Pharmacists rarely ask about symptoms, medical history, or current medications. It’s not their job. To put it simply (and I’m sure this is oversimplifying), they fill prescriptions.

The second way to get medicine is to go to a doctor. Going to a doctor is a vastly different experience. A good doctor asks me questions about my symptoms. He explores my past medical history. He asks me what medicines I’ve taken in the past. He asks about the medical history of my family members. He feels my limbs and muscles. A good doctor spends a significant amount of time listening before he actually dispenses any medicine.

Too often I’m a Bible pharmacist when I should be a Bible doctor. 

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One last time for July:

Have Archaeologists Found King David’s Palace?

John D. Currid:

In the last few weeks, Israeli archaeologists have announced a sensational find. News reports claimed that King David’s palace had been found. But is this headline accurate? Let us consider the facts of the discovery to the extent that we know them.

Who Am I to Judge? The Pope, the Press, and the Predicament

Albert Mohler:

Pope Francis pulled a surprise on reporters when he walked back to the press section of his Alitalia papal flight from Brazil and entered into an open press conference that lasted more than an hour. The Pope gave the press what Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton offered as presidents—a casual question and answer session that was on the record.

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  • Matthew

    What I love about the Bible Doctor post is the necessary (albeit unstated) implication: to be able to “prescribe” different verses for different “conditions,” we must first /know/ the verses, their context, and their meaning.