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Why Do You Write?

R.C. Sproul Jr:

My hope too is that the pieces I write change others. Though I know we don’t often embrace change, I know in turn that we need it. If one of my pieces leaves you where it found you, I’ve wasted your time and mine. That change sometimes involves shifting views on an issue. I want people to come to understand that we have peace with God by trusting in the finished atoning work of Christ on our behalf. I want people to grasp that God made governments to punish evil-doers, not to do evil. I want people to grasp the horror of abortion. I want people to understand that we yet struggle against sin, and that we still, as we did before we were reborn, don’t like facing our sin.

Brothers, Let Our Attitudes Match Our Prayers

Mike Leake:

While we are praying for our wives this month I think it’s important that we also remember to be tender with them. If we are praying for our wives to change and yet we are not treating them with honor, tenderness, and understanding our prayers will be hindered.  And they will be hindered until we actually begin treating them with honor, tenderness, and understanding. Might it be possible that our repentance before our wives will be the very thing that God uses to answer our prayers for them.

Christian Men Think Clearly Christianly

Jared Wilson:

A man in bondage to his flesh will think blunt, fleshy thoughts: “She’s hot. I want her. The things I would do . . .” The thoughts aren’t even that articulate in the mind. They are impulses, images, urges. But make no mistake, there are clear statements of desire underneath the surface, buried by the immature groanings of lust. The statements are these: “I want to make her mine. She exists for me. I want to treat her like an object of my pleasure. I want to use her.” But of course if we were striving for authenticity, we’d probably replace “her” with “it.” The objectification in lust is that severe.

Confessions of a Misguided Worship Leader

Matt Mason:

Some 20 years ago, in the earliest season of serving in the ministry of musical worship, I chose songs that said good things and made my voice sound “awesome.” Really mature, I know.

In the next chapter of my life, I tilted heavily toward theology. My reading list over the course of the next few years was almost entirely devoted to theology proper and systematics.

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