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The $40,000 Mistake

Bob Pritchett:

The best thing about making a big mistake at Logos is that it lets us showcase our values.

This weekend someone made a technical mistake that set web prices for dozens of products to zero.

The mistake was identified quickly, and our team worked late Friday night to fix the error. In the meantime, dozens of customers placed orders for free product worth $40,000.

Since then we’ve heard from some customers asking if they needed to return the free products, and a few employees have wondered if we should re-lock these unintended product giveaways.

The answer—to both questions—is “No!”

We made a mistake. We own it, we learn from it, and we welcome the chance to show our employees and our customers that we mean what we say about our values and “The Logos Way.”

Though You Slay Me

Really enjoyed this song by Shane & Shane:

eBook deals for Christian readers

The Perspectives series of books are on sale for $2.99 for the Kindle:

Also on sale:

Finally over at Gospel-Centered Discipleship, all their eBooks are on sale for 99¢ until August 16th.

All the Radical I Can Manage

Barnabas Piper:

David Platt’s Radical took evangelicalism by storm. It lit a fire under thousands, hundreds of thousands, to attempt great things for God and go to the maximum length to serve him. It was soon joined by other titles pushing people to break out of comfortable, suburban Christianity and came at a time when “mission” was the driving word behind many church movements, and being “on mission” was the call. “Radical” was the Christian target at which all this life and mission was aimed.

5 Things I Learned in Canada Last Week

Daniel Darling:

So last week my wife and I came back from a week of preaching and teaching and fellowship on Prince Edward Island in Atlantic Canada. I was honored to be one of the speakers at The Gospel Coalition, Atlantic Canada. We had an absolutely lovely time up there and I wanted to share with you about some of our experiences.

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