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How to Help Your Child Read with Discernment

Christina Fox:

When my children are physically hungry, I sometimes give them whatever I can find just to boost their blood sugar and to stop the whining. But when it comes to my son’s appetite for books, I cannot just give him anything to read. Prepackaged food and a good homemade meal will equally fill the belly, but the latter is better for the body. When it comes to feeding my son’s desire to read, I want to give him what is healthy for his mind, heart, and soul.

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On Authority, Tradition, and Millennial Evangelicals

Matthew Lee Anderson:

Over the weekend I started reading Roger Scruton’s The Uses of Pessimism and the Danger of False Hopewhich is like everything Scruton writes: both instructive and engaging.  It was this bit, however, on the nature of authority that stood out to me as particularly interesting, especially in light of recent disputes over millennials and the church.

Cigar Smoke and Mirrors and Transformation

Carl Trueman:

How does one judge that one is growing old? In Britain, it is typically thought to be when the policemen start to look younger. Over here, I have a sneaking suspicion that it is when you read cigar aficionado D. G.Hart and find yourself nodding in agreement. Like admiring Simon Heffer, it is one of those things a young person should never, ever do.

Save 55% on 14 IX Marks titles at Westminster Books

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Dates, Doctrines, and Dead People

Nathan Busenitz:

The study of church history reminds us that we are standing on the shoulders of those who have come before us. The halls of history are filled with accounts of those who loved the truth and fought valiantly to preserve it. Thus, while we recognize that church history is not authoritative (only Scripture is), we are wise to glean from the wisdom of past church leaders, theologians, and pastors. Their creeds, commentaries, and sermons represent lifetimes of meditating on the text and walking with God. We would be unwise to ignore their voices and their insights — as we similarly seek to rightly divide the Word.


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