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Saving Words—a new devotional app

A while back my pal Stephen McCaskell had an idea for a new Spurgeon devotional called Saving Words. Today he’s launching an new IndieGoGo project to turn this idea into an app for the iPhone (and eventually Android). Check it out:

Stephen’s hoping to raise $6000 to get the app developed. Let’s help him make it happen, shall we?

Work Like an Arminian, Sleep Like a Calvinist?

From a recent episode of the Ask Pastor John podcast:

The reason I don’t like saying, “work like an Arminian, sleep like a Calvinist,” is because I think it’s misleading. . . . It is historically false to imply that Calvinism produced less work than others. The Protestant work ethic was begotten by the Reformed vision of reality, and it built the modern world we know. So my preference would be a slogan like this: “Work like a Calvinist, play like a Calvinist, sleep like a Calvinist — out-produce, out-play, out-dream everyone by trusting in your sovereign God.”

17 Problems Only Book Lovers Will Understand

If you love books (or are in denial about being a book lover) you’ll totally understand this.

Are we doing the Lord’s work?

Ray Ortlund:

Yesterday I saw yet another website dedicated to accusing a prominent pastor. This one did not strike me as savage, the way other such websites have. It seemed more mature.

But I wonder if this is doing the Lord’s work at all. Even if every accusation against this pastor is true, I am unconvinced God wants us to set up websites for such a purpose.


A Warning to the Wandering

Joe Thorn:

All this recent talk about millennials leaving the church isn’t a theoretical issue for me. While much of our church growth is through the millennial generation, we still see some walk away. This, of course, is not simply a generational issue but a faith issue. I am preparing to write a letter to a young man who has walked away from Christ and his church. As I have been thinking of this young man, his privilege, knowledge, and his current danger, I cam upon a piece written by John Angell James. His words of warning to the young who wander from the faith are hard and helpful. James points out that such a renunciation of Christ not only hurts the individual, but those around him as well.

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