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An Open Letter to College Freshmen

Matt Anderson:

You should remember that you will need to find a job at the end of this season (you’re welcome, parents–you may pay me now). That does not mean you should only enter disciplines that are directly tied to work.  But it does mean that you should spend your summers well and look for ways to translate the work you do into other, more “practical” arenas. ”Transferable skills” is a term I heard once, and it works here just fine. Plodding through forgotten bits of Latin may never be “practical”, but the diligence and care you cultivate in doing so will be. Someone is paying a good deal of money for your degree, so you should do them the honor of bothering to work hard.  It’s not summer camp you’re at, after all, regardless of the playground your admissions counselor used to sell you to come.

I Weep for Miley

Trevin Wax:

Picking up a sub sandwich today, I saw a news report on CNN about Miley Cyrus’ performance at last night’s VMA’s. I was shocked, then sickened, then saddened.

For the rest of the day, I wondered:

What kind of people are we?

What kind of culture have we created?

What do we want our children to be?

No more wondering. Tonight, I weep.

Dumb, Directionless, Defenseless

Tim Challies:

Why sheep? Why not cheetahs or wolves or ligers or another animal with a bit of flair, a bit of class? But the Bible tells us often that we are sheep. We are sheep and God is a shepherd. That sheep/shepherd word picture is at the heart of the best-loved Psalm—Psalm 23. I spent some time with that psalm lately and tried to gain a better appreciation of why God saw fit to tell us we are sheep.

“It’s Not Enough”

Check out the video for Dustin Kensrue’s new song from his upcoming record, The Water and the Blood:

Just How Important is Truth?

Aimee Byrd:

Unfortunately, discernment isn’t a popular discipline among many in the church. After all, the word means to separate. Sometimes, in separating the truth from the many lies that want to leach off of it, we can be accused of being unloving and unaccommodating.

Make the Bible Your Native Tongue

Tim Kimmel:

Our limitless access to prepackaged devotional, inspirational, and theological insights from others can unwittingly give us a BSL — Bible as a Second Language — orientation on God. But intimacy with him is better reached via a firsthand relationship through his word than through someone else’s translation of it on our behalf. There’s a place for both — God has given us teachers (Ephesians 4:11). We simply must be careful becoming so co-dependent on the one that we fail to do due diligence with the other.

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