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Pastors, we are not anchormen

Michael DiMarco:

Pastors, we are not anchormen; pretty faces with voices full of gravitas reading a gospel teleprompter full of pay per view wisdom from another’s scholarship. No, we are to be eyewitness reporters, delivering credible accounts of the Good News as we’ve experienced it, as His Spirit has revealed it.

To us.

Through His Word.

Not from someone else’s sermon notes and fruit of their study as our primary source.

Billy Corgan and the New Traditionalism in Christian Music

Mike Cosper:

While I think Corgan’s critique rings true at a certain level, at another, it rings very false. He has obviously not heard people like Gungor, Mars Hill Music, Indelible Grace, and many others who venture into other sonic territory. The U2 sound might rule the radio waves, and might have a strong foundation in the CCLI Top 10, but it isn’t the only game in town.

What Your Passions Say About You

Tony Reinke:

Actions speak louder than words — but desires speak loudest.

The pursuit of pleasure is what drives all our actions and decisions, driving us into relationships, driving us to watch football, driving us toward excellence at work. We authentically pursue what we are convinced will bring us pleasure.

John Bunyan was a pastor who spent considerable time thinking about how pleasures operate in our lives. In one of his sermons Bunyan said: “desires are hunting things.” Stalking through cornfields in boots, camo overalls, and a blaze orange hat is a fitting metaphor for the restless heart in search of pleasures. Our hearts are hungry and our hearts hunt this world for something (or someone) to fill a void.

But of course not all of our desires are good and helpful. Our desires may be pure or sinfully twisted.

Free eBook—Blood Work: How the Blood of Christ Accomplishes Our Salvation

Ligonier Ministries and Reformation Trust are making Anthony Carter’s new book, Blood Work: How the Blood of Christ Accomplishes Our Salvation, available for free through September 30th.

In this book, Anthony Carter traces the theme of the blood of Christ through the New Testament, showing how the biblical writers used the powerful metaphor of the blood of Jesus to help Christians grasp the treasures Jesus secured for them in His death on the cross. In doing so, he provides a fresh perspective on the atonement Jesus made.

You can get the book now from Ligonier Ministries (ePub), Amazon (Kindle) and iTunes (iBooks).

Leisure and Labor—Two Gifts from God

Albert Mohler:

Christians understand labor as a duty, but miss the fact that it is also a gift. In the first place, God has made us able to work: e.g., to manipulate things, to cultivate the ground, to manage herds, and to invent microprocessors. Secondly, He has allowed us through labor to understand at least part of our purpose in life: to fulfill a vocation. Furthermore, we can often see the result of our labors: the farmer takes pride in his orderly rows of crops; the carpenter sees the beauty of his cabinet; the doctor is fulfilled in his recovering patient; the mother sleeps content after a day of unceasing work with children.  Still, many people have difficulty seeing labor—especially their own labor—as a gift.

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